26th December 2020

This is the time to write a diary which I used to do. Now I write my diary before I start my day.

18th December 2020

I have just started my final lesson of 2020. It does not seem like the last day of the academic term.

17th December 2020

This does not feel or appear to be the penultimate day of the academic term. The homepage of this site actually reminds me when ridıng past a factory and briefly witnessing a wholly unglamorous scene. A message appeared asking me to create a website. I still have not gained enough confidence to blog and nowContinue reading “17th December 2020”

16 December 2020

I used a dictionary today and it felt nostalgic and weird. I looked up the word influence because I could not think of an appropriate definition for my ESL student.

11th December 2020

This will never substitute manually writing a diary. I find the too impersonal. I was planning a lesson and decided to surf the net for suitable information. The topic is widely taught and I assumed it would be easy to download a good lesson. After simply wasting time drowning in a plethora of redundant worksheets,Continue reading “11th December 2020”

19th October 2020

It is amazing how many software packages students are have to master in order to cope with online learning. I have my Parent Teacher Consultations this week which will be hosted on Google Meets. I do not know how to arrange a meeting time and will have to ask someone for help tomorrow. A goodContinue reading “19th October 2020”


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